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Extreme Consciousness Tango Level I



What is the Extreme Consciousness Tango I Program about?

It is an innovative and efficient program where we discover the true origin of each movement in tango.


What is the Main Benefit of this Program?

What can cost you years of practice can be learned and understood in a few classes.
We show Step by Step the most common mistakes and how to solve them from the beginning to the end of each movement. (CONSCIOUS SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS OF A LONG TIME IN YOUR DANCE)


So how will this program help me improve my Tango technique?

What we promise is a significant change in your dance, your technique and the quality of your movement added to a different way of interpreting music in a short time with conscious practice, and above all with your determination.
Remember! You cannot expect different results if you always do the same thing.


Program Benefits:

• Step-by-Step Lessons (NO HURRY, BUT NO PAUSE)
• A Before and After in your technique
• All the secrets of the movement from 0
• Ideal for those who feel stuck with their technique and want to improve the quality of their movement.
• Biomechanical exercises that improve technique in a short time with practice.
• Live Tutoring by ZOOM!!

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